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i’m back


hi guys! i’ve just read your blogs, and i can say THANKS to everybody who has bothered to create a blog, and a greater THANKS to all people who have written in their blogs. hope everybody gets used to writing and reading 🙂


suggest discussion topics


What topics would you like us to discuss in class? Come up with suggestions whenever you are inspired 🙂 please

latest lesson category


How do you like writing about your latest lesson? Do you think it’s useful? Is it interesting or boring?

ooops! stupid i am!


I  failed to tell everyone to send me a link to his blog, so that I could add links to all blogs, so that you can add links to your group members’ blogs or … any cooledge student blog. So please, paste your blog’s url (address) as a comment to this message. Thanx!

HOW TO create a weblog


the basics

Go to:
Press the blue button on the top right:

Get a WordPress

Blog now »

Fill in the blank text box:
1. choose a user name of at least 4 characters ( letters and numbers only)

2. enter a VALID e-mail address; you’ll get your password there

3. check that you have read and agreed to the terms of service

4. choose “Gimme a blog!”

5. click on NEXT

Choose a blog domain

1. Choose carefully! You’ll never be able to change it. If you ever delete it, you’ll never be able to have it back. This will be the address of your website.

2. Choose a blog title.

This will appear on the top of the page.

3. Choose English as language

Now you have the blog, but you need to activate it.

Open your e-mail account. You’ll find a message telling you to activate your account. Open it and follow the instructions. They will read like this:

To activate your blog, please click the following link: *********

After you activate, you will receive *another email* with your login.

After you activate, you can visit your blog here:


When you follow the link, you’ll see your password. Copy it as it’s funny; you’ll change it later.


You enter a not-very-nice-looking page – this is your dashboard.

You’d like to view the site the way it will be viewed by the world. Click “View site” on top.

If you do not like the way it looks, you can make it prettier.

Click on “My dashboard” to get into the dashboard again.

Click on “Presentation” and choose a “theme” which looks nice. Then click “View site”. Still not satisfied? Choose a new theme J

Now you need to create several extra tools that will make your blog easier to manage.

Go to “Presentation”

Choose the “Sidebar widgets” below.

Drag and drop widgets (little boxes) into the sidebar field.

Please choose the following widgets and follow my order:

– Links


Recent Comments



Click on the box “Save changes”

Now you’ll need to add links

so that you can see each other’s blogs and other useful links

Click on “Blogroll”

Click on “Add link”

Add a link to my blog, and you’ll learn how to add other links:

Name: lyd

Address: (the 00 are not letters, but numbers)

Description: your teacher

Look right and create a category CLASS BLOGS

you’ll later add links to your classmates’ blogs

Put my link into this category by checking it.

Now you know how to create categories for your links

Now write your first “homework”

Choose “New post” from the website OR “ Write a post” from the dashboard

Look on the right and create a category “latest lesson” where you’ll be posting such homework later.

Now you know how to create text categories.

You might wish to upload pictures, videos and other cool stuff. you can try to. if you fail, I’ll write another lesson 🙂