You get what you pay for


How staff works?!?

Millions of people buy the same product and pay the same price. Do they get the same thing? I don’t think so.

When some people buy a pair of shoes, they pay for comfort, and that’s what they get. When other people buy a pair of the same type of shoes, they pay for durability, and what they get is staying away from shoe stores for years. When some people buy a pair of shoes, they pay for the beauty of their shod feet, and that’s what they get. When other people buy a pair of shoes, they pay for a fashionable accessory which will make them belong to a group of fashionable people, and that’s what they get. All these people pay the same price for the same product and get completely different things.

Millions of people pay a lot of money for a famous brand product. Do all of them get the same quality? I don’t think so. Sometimes no matter what you believe about a product, realize it or not, you are affected by the juxtaposition of your expectations and reality.

I am not discussing the case when you’ve bought a defective brand product, which rarely happens, and you can get a refund fast.

I am talking about cases when you believe you pay for X, but the nature of the product is different, so no matter how much you wish to use the product for X purposes, it just cannot be used this way. Sometimes creativity is not enough; you should know reality. You might wish to use a shoe as a vase. Great! It’s cute to put a bunch of daisies where people usually place a foot. However, if you turn the shoe upside down, i.e. sole up, would you still be able to use it as a vase? No.

Let’s see how this applies to attending my classes:

People pay the same money and seem to get the same thing, but actually they don’t. Some people use classes to prepare for TOEFL and SAT; others use them to prepare for Bulgarian university exams; still others use them to get to know more about themselves, education, the world. All these people could be called smart and creative because they can really get these things from my classes. Still, I think some of them do not act either in a smart or in a creative way. Some students believe they could use my classes in a way they just cannot be used – remember the sole-up shoe-vase.

For example, some people believe that they could get what they pay for just by attending classes and not doing homework. Others believe that doing the obvious homework – the test – is enough, Some write essays, but do not read much / at all. Some people do loads of grammar exercises and dictations at school, whatever. In short, people try to study English in a way it just cannot be learned properly.

Another example – some people believe they could get into college by simply filling out application forms and writing essays they believe admissions officers would like to read. They take time neither to get to know colleges nor to get to know themselves. They believe they could just prepare the documents in a month, without even “wasting” time to browse college websites or read college guides, just by asking me inadequate questions. Well, successful college application just doesn’t work this way.

So, if you believe I’ll succeed in teaching you English and getting you into college the way your Granny has told you I should, you might not get what you pay for. I just don’t work this way.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Vesi on February 22, 2007 at 11:25 am

    For me all the things I learnt from your classes and continue learning by keeping in touch with you are worth the money you receive.Even I think that you should receive much more, because the stuff you do and the things students learn are countless.I’m not flattering you, just telling you how I see the things. I will always be sorry that I began attending your classes so late-I could have learnt much more things.However what I have learnt is not little at all.


  2. of course, i deserve to be a billionaire, but my point was different 😀

    some people get quite little for the money they pay 🙂 they could make better use of their money


  3. Posted by Vesi on February 23, 2007 at 7:14 am

    yes, that’s what I meant 😛


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