would you take up meditation at college?

You don’t have to fight darkness. Just turn on the light.

I remember “Twin Peaks”, “Blue Velvet” and “Lost Highway” as very dark films. Well, I guess I should see them again now that I have heard their director David Lynch talk about transcendental meditation and his dream of building a world of peace.

David speaks in front of Berkeley students a lot on enlightenment and a bit on filmmaking. Then a quantum physicist (John Hagelin) you’ve seen in “What the bleep do we know” joins in. A medical doctor discusses brain activity and demonstrates it with the help of a student whose head is wired to a machine so that we could see the graphs of brainwaves.

Meditation? They say it’s another form of brain activity (the rest being waking, sleeping, dreaming). The physicist suggests it should be part of your college education. Here’s why he has started a university of world peace .

David Lynch Foundation wants to make sure every student (from primary to college and up) who wants to take up meditation be offered the opportunity.

How about taking meditation classes for credit?


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