confused: can you tell showing from telling?

(the difference between Slavi Trifonov and Martin Karbowski)

Slavi believes he should always show his position on issues clearly, while Martin says he doesn’t want to show his position but a snapshot. Slavi tells people what they should do. Martin lets them decide for themselves.

Slavi tells. Martin shows. However, sometimes we could show through words and tell through pictures, couldn’t we?

Martin was in Slavi’s show and was told that when a Bulgarian looks at a snapshot taken by Martin, he either likes to see himself in the picture or not, and if he doesn’t, he dreams of emigration.

Is it possible for a journalist to be objective? Is it never right for a journalist to share his attitude?

Hm, is Slavi a journalist? Isn’t he a showman? He never investigates – he reads (what his team have clipped for him from the newspapers) in a funny way (or that’s what he used to do when I used to watch the show).Still, so many people watch Slavi and are subtly influenced. Big Brother is a show, not journalism, but it has already shaped a generation who finds it OK to masturbate in class, and a generation who finds it ok not to notice the masturbating generation in class.

Have you ever heard ANYONE discuss Martin’s “show”? Well, perhaps art is not as useless as Oscar Wilde thought 😉


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  2. Posted by Mimoza on June 14, 2007 at 9:14 pm

    Lol, masturabtion in class?! Hahahahaha, what kind of class it should be, perhaps very boring 🙂 And I believe everyone noticed such a thing its just some people refuse to rely on their eyes when they see something extraordinary that’s why they pretend not to have seen it! 🙂 Yeah, what is normal and what is crazy. Masturbation is a fact and it is a part of human race for centuries, really. Well, however peopel usually put some sense and emotions into their sexual activity. On the other side MONKEYS can not control their libido! Hahah OH COME ON!!! YOU’RE KIDDING! 🙂 Tell me you’re kidding 😛


  3. masturbation in class is a fact at many bulgarian schools. isn’t that interesting? no, i’m not kidding.


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