dazed: feel like being useless

You know the lady who took English classes next door last year? The crazy one.

I met her today – neatly dressed, with a handbag as usual. It was about 8 a.m., and I thought she might be going to work. I wondered who would hire an obviously insane person. Then I thought about the hundreds of people I see in the streets of Haskovo. I so often ask the same question – who hires these people? I have always wondered what services they could offer, how they go about their jobs. Today I just saw them through my sanity measuring glasses. They do not seem insane to most people, but they do to me. Just like my son looks insane to his teachers and not to me.

When I crossed at Pingvinite and walked on up Rakovska, I saw her again – she had taken a turn ( I thought she was going towards the center or the bus station). She walked in her usual incredibly fast way, as if she had something really important to do (Don’t I often walk this way? Just like the guy whom I overheard saying, “I am not in a hurry, but I am in a hurry!”). Then she took some irrational turns and walked up Rakovska, and soon I lost sight of her.

I wish I had a camcorder and ran after her for hours, so that I could show you the video. If I could walk as fast, I would, perhaps, lose weight. Sometimes I feel there’s a paparazzo in me. I wonder what people pay me for.


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  1. […] да видиш какво съм писала днес в ученическия блог – това, а малко по-рано и това. После не седнах да работя, а […]


  2. Posted by Mimoza on June 14, 2007 at 9:00 pm

    Hahaha, why do you dislike that woman so much? What are the reasons to call someone crazy?! Are there crazy people at all?! 😛 We are all unique in our purposes, desires and so on. We often say someone is crazy if he or she doesn’t fit some fixet boundraies. And what is normal? 😛 That what most people believe is normal 🙂 I am crazy 😛 I often have my own very different opinion about many things (you could probably noticed that at class 😛 ) and I like following my own rules and changing this rules with every experience I obtain. Sometimes I feel misunderstood, but I always try to do what I please and I usually devote myself to only things that I like 🙂 I am both normal and crazy. This is a quite abstract view – “crazy” i don’t know what kind of teachers call your son crazy if they have never even tried to understand him! Perhaps they are crazy 😛 They’re opinien is no the right one just because they are more! 😛 And so we come to the very interesting question – “What does it mean to be crazy?” 😛


  3. dislike her? nooo! i just observe her and write aboot her. is that disliking her?

    why i call her crazy?

    1. because she looks different from me
    2. because she looks different from most people around.

    don’t most people call other people crazy for the same rasons? 😛

    “what does it mean to be crazy?” IS an interesting question! i’d like to read what you think about that … perhaps in your blog as well 🙂


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