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While I was walking through the square early in the morning, I heard someone play the guitar. There were people sitting on the benches and watching the performer on the big stage. There was no guitar player but a mime artist. I took some poor photos of him and went on. While I was taking pictures, I felt a lady’s look on me. It was someone who works in the same building. When I approached her, she asked me “What is this free trial for 14 days?” looking at a billboard of the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company. “Internet”, I read for her. Then she asked why there was someone on stage, and I said there were theatre days in town. Then she said she could not walk slowly and hurried up the street, so I said “Bye”

She is not blind; she is not even short sighted. I have known her for several years. For 2 of them her office was next to mine. Back then she asked me many questions. For example, “Please, tell me if my printer is color or not”, so I had to read the label on the printer for her and say “Color”. Then she asked, “Where could I find ink for it?”, and I said “Downstairs, from the company which sells computers, printers and ink”. “Do you know their phone number?”. “Yes, I do.”

As for the theatre days, there are huge posters all over town. I do not have much time for theatre these days, and I don’t know the exact days and stuff, but it was enough for me to see the posters once, so I was not shocked to see the mime artist today.

What if there were no posters at all? Would everyone in Haskovo be shocked by a mime artist and not know what to make out of his sight? What if they did not explain it on TV? How would people know what to think about that?


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  1. very good topic.


  2. Posted by Mimoza on June 15, 2007 at 9:13 am

    I would enjoy a mime artist acting in Dimitrovgrad. Even if there is absolutley no posters and adverts – even better – That would be a wonderful surprise. People are always so afraid of new things! And so what? It is soooo wonderful to have some mime artist in the streets, however they remind me “Batman” in which film they were not good characters, and when I was little I feared them, so my feelings about mimes are mixed 🙂 Look at this picture – doesn’t it seem a little scary to u? 😛 However I’m already big enough and not so blonde to see this is not “Batman” and the mimes are very pleasant 🙂 I like such interesting surprizes, however I wouldn’t know the reason why they are here if they were no posters actually 😛


  3. I have some experience with people who have eyes and don’t like using them. They always tell me stuff like:

    “Why are you so silent?”
    “What are you looking at, there’s nothing here? ”
    “What takes you so long, this is just a carved wall?”
    “Come on, let’s move!”
    “Everything is so boring”


  4. Posted by Mimoza on June 19, 2007 at 8:35 pm

    Hmm, that’s very interesting…


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