Best 366 Colleges (American)

Your classmates’ kids?

College takes 3-4 years of your life. It’s practically your life if you live on campus.

Would you like to read about the Best 366 Colleges – ranked by their current students? The 2008 guide is out, and if you’re tight on cash, you can see the rankings on the Princeton Review website. Registration takes seconds.

Of course, you might see the whole list. You might wish to check whether the colleges you short-listed from the Fiske guide are there and see which ranking lists they go into – there’s a short profile of each school.

However, I recommend checking the ranking lists (62 altogether) in the categories (8 altogether) of most importance to you.


You could find out whether professors get high from their student for teaching well and making themselves accessible (the opposite to what lyd does on vacations). You’ll find out whether students never stop studying or they never study (then how could they be part of a best college?!?). You’ll find much more beyond academics – whether students are happy with financial aid (well, perhaps they meant only the nationals) or whether there’s a lot of red tape ( bureaucracy was not invented in Bulgaria).


Coming from a white, supposed – to- be- Christian, monolingual, homophobic, meat eating school community, you might feel that you’re a person of liberal views. Find out what kind of classmates you might hope for and visualize yourself on particular campuses to check whether you feel good or bad about them.


You’ve heard a lot about “student life”. In Bulgaria it is supposed to be a party-around-the-clock experience. Well, it might be wildly different at some American schools.

School Type

Is the school a haven for neo-hippies or jocks? What else could it be?


Apathetic or ardent? Do you care about politics? Do you care if your classmates care? Do they care if you care?

Quality of life

Are you a picky eater? Would you feel as miserable as the princess who slept on a pea in certain dorms?


I know you’re not a natural-born genius in any field, but you might have done something just for the fun of it. Have you ever been active out of the classroom? Really? And do you plan to be active at college?


You know I would choose a remote rural college, preferably in the desert or on top of a mountain, but this might not be true for you. Do you care about the neighboring communities – towns, cities, other colleges? How much of your entertainment should be provided for you on campus?



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