It should include your activities from year 9 at school ( you could include 8, but not earlier). Colleges are not interested in your childhood activities. Of course, if you started playing the violin as a four-year-old, you could explain in a note if you deem it important.

You could write it conveniently in table format. I would use landscape orientation of the page rather than portrait, so that I have several convenient spacious columns. I would include the following columns (of course, you might include more or name them differently):

Activity (here you give it a name) – I would prefer an explicit, clear name

School year ( with sub-columns like 9, 10, 11, 12) – you just tick here

Time spent ( with sub columns like “Hours per week” and “Weeks per year) – be careful when calculating the hours – remember there are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, and some weeks are not school weeks, etc.

Description ( here you might also include positions held, honors and awards received, etc.) – I would describe very briefly the nature of activity, what I have learned from it, how it was meaningful to me. Some activities need even shorter explanations – everybody knows what basketball is after all, so you need not explain that, but just say if you played it for pleasure or took part in competitions, at what level, etc.

I would also be careful about rows, not just about columns, so I would prefer my resume to look like several smaller tables rather than one big, especially if I have several kinds of activities. Thus, I might have a separate “Sports” table, or “Arts” table, “Work experience” table, “Community service” table, etc.

I would put the most meaningful of the activities in a group at the top, highlight them somehow to show they are more important to me. I might mention (or invent a sign for that) which activities I would like to pursue at college.

The format should be so clear that people could just take a look at it and get a clear idea of how it is organized. They should be able to find the info they need in seconds as they might not wish to read the whole resume.

You’d better write down ALL activities that come to your mind, and describe them briefly, and THEN think of ways to arrange them. I’ll go through them and lend a hand … if you start in time!

You might see another document on resumes, “resume-thebragsheet.doc” in the files of the yahoo group lyd_students. In order to see it, however, you need to register as a member.

OK, I’ll post the file here too 🙂


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