the common application – teacher evaluation

Colleges usually require 2 teacher evaluations AND 1 counselor evaluation.

Here are some tips for your teachers.

Once an evaluation is filled in, it could be photocopied in as many copies as needed. It should be put in an envelope, and the enveloped should be signed across the flap by the teacher. It does not need to be sealed (stamped) with the official school seal (stamp). If the teacher has attached additional pages to the form, it’s a good idea the pages to be signed too.

If your teachers are not brilliant in English (as they teach another subject), but they know English well enough to write a recommendation in English, it’s a good idea for them to write the recommendation in English. Their English is not going to be evaluated after all. The content is the important thing.

If your teachers do not know English well enough to write a recommendation in it, they could ask a colleague to translate the evaluation for them. Some teachers choose to enclose the original text (especially the additional written recommendation, not the forms usually) in Bulgarian, signed, and have the translation signed by the translator-teacher. Some teachers just sign whatever have been translated for them by their colleagues as if it were written by themselves.

Now, let’s focus on some parts of the form:

give the form to a teacher who has taught you an academic subject: that means no art, music, sports teachers

give that teacher stamped envelopes: they need not be stamped; you can send the teacher evaluation along with all other paper in a big envelope. It’s cheaper.

Yes, I do waive my right to access: that’s written in a box on the first page. Of course, you could choose “No, I do not waive my right to access and may someday choose to review this recommendation …”, but I do recommend you choose the first. If you declare you don’t want to see what your teacher has written about you, colleges will deem this evaluation more objective as the teacher will not be under pressure to write only nice things about you. You should not worry about that – after all you normally choose I teacher who likes you.

keep the original of this form in your private files for use should the student need additional recommendations: remind your teachers to do that as you might decide to apply to additional schools or the recommendation might be lost and should be sent again, or some colleges might like to send a copy to a teacher to verify he was the one who wrote a certain document, etc.

How long have you known this student: colleges would prefer an evaluation by a teacher who has taught you longer; a teacher who has taught you recently will be preferred to a teacher who taught you in years 8-9, for example.

What are the first words that come to mind to describe this student: 3-4 adjectives are enough

the level of course difficulty: courses in Bulgarian high schools do not usually vary in difficulty, so teachers could write that all students take the same classes, unless they are discussing a class like СИП, etc.

RATINGS: Your teachers should know that no matter how much they like you, they should be realistic and do not tick only the column on the extreme right, unless you’re truly exceptional.

The instructions below could be downloaded from the yahoo group.

За учителите

1. Представете се – какво и колко време преподавате; откога преподавате на въпросния ученик.

2. Коментирайте интелектуалните му качества. Например – способността му да мисли логично, оригинално; любознателност и др.

3. Коментирайте как ученикът се изявява във Вашите часове. Например – взема активно участие, старае ли се, проявява ли задълбочен интерес, отговорен ли е и т.н.

4. Цитирайте конкретни негови постижения в учебната работа, свързани с Вашия предмет – олимпиади, конкурси, проекти, специални задачи и т.н.

5. Коментирайте личностните му качества – характер, отзивчивост, честност и т.н. Какви са взаимоотношенията му със съученици и учители? Как го възприемат те?

6. Заявете дали го подкрепяте в желанието му да кандидатства във ВУЗ и дали го препоръчвате.


Опитайте се да пишете така, че ученикът да се открои като индивидуалност. Бъдете конкретни. Можете да разкажете конкретна случка.

Стандартната препоръка заема около страница напечатан текст, формат А4. Ако е пишете на ръка, ще Ви отнеме около 1½ страница.


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