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I refuse to know

(I didn’d know there was a book about Flatland! You can download it by clicking here .)

Some students say that they don’t need to study a subject because it will never serve them in their “real lives”. Others say that they don’t trust a scientific theory because they have not heard of it at school. Still others say that they don’t need to study literature because they are not interested in strangers’ lives.

Some students say they should not study arts because they lack natural talent related to these. Others say they should not study literature because they lack imagination. Still others say they shouldn’t study a science because they have already missed learning its fundamentals.

I have lived much longer, and I know for sure that school exposes students just to some levels of subjects. Furthermore, it exposes them to a limited range of fields, and there are so many issues that you won’t have the opportunity to explore even at college, and so many of these are subtly related to our lives in ways we don’t even suspect.

Some people do reach a level at which they start discerning the patterns which organize our seemingly random lives. At that level you know that every bit of knowledge fits into the big picture.

Of course, a person doesn’t need to know every detail, every bit of information, but in order to make informed choices, both personal and professional, you need to know the fundamentals.

Unfortunately, Bulgarian education sucks students into the swamp of random details that have to be memorized for the sake of GPA. Teachers fail to point out the relations- not just between the broad fields of humanities and science, not just between a school subject and another school subject, but even between two facts in the same paragraph in a textbook, which traditionally exposes students to random facts, at best organized into structures, into which the life of function has rarely been breathed.

Students are never taught how to organize information for themselves. That’s why it remains fragmented and never really makes sense.

I am fully aware of my students’ “academic” experience, so I try to compensate for 8-9-10-11-12 years of poor schooling (I can hardly call it education). However, no matter how hard I try, some of them seem to be shouting at me: “I refuse to know!”

I know I am not the best teacher in the world, but I have succeeded in helping a couple of students open their eyes to organic reality. I will never stop learning; I’ll go through quantum physics and ant behavior to find out how to be a good teacher. Meanwhile too many students will belly-flop into “real life” as cripples. How sad. 😦


група за обсъждане на въпроси за кандидатстването

Направете си акаунт във и ме аднете като приятел. Името ми там е Lydia Staikova. Пратете ми съобщение там, че искате да ви поканя в групата. Там можем да обсъждаме всичко.

class rank

Ако някой вече е чел текста за secondary school report, промених нещата за class rank. Ще го обясня като се видим!

a meeting on thursday!


В четвъртък от 6 часа среща с кандидат-студентите, за да обясня за документите. Прегледайте нещата в блога и си пригответе въпроси. Поканете и съучениците си, които ще кандидатстват в САЩ.

evidence of parents’ income

Should look like that:

Това да е не фирмена бланка, ако има такава, ако не – не

Това е само примерно. Може да има вариации – по месеци и т.н. – каквото искат, за който период от време искат, а и съобразено с правилата на фирмата. Ако не искат да е и на бг и на английски, за да се спести ходене при преводач, нека е на бг . Искай да се издаде в колкото броя ти трябва – всеки с оригинален печат и подпис


Фирма ХХХХХХХ, издава настоящото за да удостовери, че АААААААААААА получава брутна месечна заплата в размер на 300.47 лв = $ 200.

Сумата на данъците и удръжките е 60 лв.= $40


XXXXXXXXXXX issues this in order to certify that AAAAAA receives nominal monthly salary of 300.47 lv = $ 200

The amount of all taxes and deductions is 60 lv.= $40


Accountant: (signature)

Главен Директор:

General Manager: (signature)

current financial aid application

The International Student Financial Aid Application and Certification of Finances are available from this web site.

Yes, they should be 2008-2009, despite the fact that your college applications are for 2007-2008. Don’t ask me why.

Some colleges may not accept these common forms. They might require their own. It’s your business to check 🙂

what is a fee waiver?

Some colleges would like you to pay a fee to have your application processed. If you cannot afford this, you should ask your counselor to prepare a fee waiver request on your behalf. Schools usually have the request ready and they fill in a student’s name. I have posted a sample below in case your school has no clue.