secondary school report

This is a document which should be filled in by your counselor. As you know, he is the person who will send all school issued documents along with this form.

secondary school counselor another school official who knows you better – you could choose a teacher who knows you well

AP, IB, advanced honors – these are types of courses we do not have

Yes, I do waive my right of access – choose this! see the text about teacher evaluation

Title – write the teacher’s position: “Teacher of Physics”, for example

Counselor’s phone – the school phone

Secondary school CEEB/ACT code – doesn’t apply to your school

Counselor’s e-mail – if he doesn’t speak English, it may not be a good idea to write this

Class rank –  it takes some time to explain  that 🙂

Class size – they mean all students graduating the year of your graduation – ВИПУСК

indicate decile в първата, втората, третата или коя десятка сте по успех сред випуска? ако училището ви предлага ranking, пишете rank, а не това!

Cumulative GPA (grade point average) – средният успех от 8-11 клас

On a … scale скалата на оценяване е 2-6

covering a period from юни, в годината на завършване на 8 клас – юни, в годината на завършване на 11 клас

weighted ако не всички предмети се вземат предвид (т.е. на някои се придава тежест)

unweighted ако всички предмети се вземат предвид (обикновено училищата ни избират това)

The school’s passing mark is – 3

Highest grade/GPA in class – най-високият успех във випуска

Graduation date – it should be the same for all students from the graduating class, so teachers should check with the school authorities

Percentage of graduating class attending four-year / two-year institutions – for your schools it looks something like 98% / 2 %

Block schedule модули – да речем днес само физика, утре само английски – нямате такова нещо май

If you offer AP courses – this does not apply to your school

In comparison with other college preparatory students at your school, the applicant’s course selection is – most / very demanding

EVALUATION – it could be typed on a separate page and stapled. The counselor should asses all these areas: academic, extracurricular, personal. You should help him by giving him a list of your extracurriculars and achievements. The evaluation should be personal, trying to differentiate this student from his classmates.

How long have you known this student and in what context – colleges would prefer an evaluation by a teacher who has taught you longer; a teacher who has taught you recently will be preferred to a teacher who taught you in years 8-9, for example.

What are the first words that come to mind to describe this student: 3-4 adjectives are enough.


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