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college is a chocolate


Real SAT essay topics

You can download the topics from  March 2005 through December 2007 here

essay topics

You could download a list from here. Why not write an essay, publish it in your blog and invite people to discuss it? You’ll get different perspectives 🙂

Is college all about lectures?

Yesterday I met a student who complained that she did not feel she was learning enough because all her classes are lectures. She lacks discussions, and she tries to use labs as the only way to corner a teacher and ask a question.

I have always thought that it’s a good idea to go to a small school because it would offer small classes where you cannot hide behind a classmate’s back and avoid taking part in a discussion.

Discussion is a vital part of education. If college were all about attending lectures and reading books, you could get your education online. Why bother spend so much money for the privilege of physical presence?

Conversation is the way to learn how to tackle a problem from many perspectives. It’s also the way to keep your fire alight.

What could you do if you’re not formally offered conversation classes? You create them informally. That’s the most natural thing at college – if you study what you’re passionate about, you’re keen on discussing it after attending a lecture or reading a book.

Unfortunately, there are so many classes which are attended not because they’re loved but because they’re part of a curriculum. There are so many students who are not keen on studying at all. Have you ever had academic conversations with your classmates at high school? If not, chances are, you’re not going to have any at a college full of similar classmates, so if you wish to totally avoid intellectual talk, go to a Bulgarian college.

I do believe classmates matter. How about you?