search your heart to choose a college wisely

I’ll be publishing the list of questions we are discussing these days with junior students. They’ll help you prepare for choosing colleges.

What do you like or dislike about your educational experience so far? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

What are your values? (e.g. independence, loyalty, contributing to the community, etc.)

What are your needs? ( a lot of sleep, wild parties, a basketball field, etc.)


Are you more interested in getting good grades or in feeling intellectually engaged?

Do you need the help of adults to make educational decisions?

Would you be willing to study a variety of subjects or would you rather prefer to focus on your favourite ones? Would you venture into a subject you have never heard of?

Do you like to do extra work and go beyond the school curriculum or prefer to do the required minimum?

Are you ready to start thinking about your career and life after college?

Would you take only subjects you know you are good at or venture into ones you are not confident about, some that you have never heard of, etc.?

Would you feel better among classmates who are more intelligent than you are, or would you prefer you to be the most intelligent?

Do you rely on external pressure (ambitious classmates, strict teachers and parents, etc.) or on internal motivation to perform well?


Do you participate in class discussions? Do you find them useful? Would you prefer to have more of these at college?

Do you enjoy hearing other students’ ideas in class? Do you find this useful or useless?

Do you like speaking in front of others in class? Do you feel confident about it?

Are you afraid to share your opinion if you think the others will disagree?

Do you need personal attention from teachers?

Do you need to be reminded to do your homework?

Do you learn better if you know you are monitored and watched over by teachers?

Do you love writing? Do you feel confident about your writing skills?

Do you like reading? Do you have good reading skills and speed?

Do you feel confident or embarrassed if you need to ask a teacher for help?

What stimulates you better – praise or criticism?

Is it important for you to have teachers who are interested in and care about your progress?

What are your most and least favourite subjects? Why?

Is it important that the college you attend have a strong program in a subject you plan to study?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Haha I remember those…and they really help..if your answers are sincere 😛


  2. Sorry, no sale. They tried to reform healthcare without tort reform! Only the feeble minded will buy this as a common sense, good faith effort.


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