Why should I be given the opportunity?

A couple of years ago a girl wanted to spend her senior year at a US high school. Of course, the high school wanted to know why. I felt her only reason to go was the superstitious belief that if she graduated from a US high school, she would be accepted by a US college and offered generous financial aid. As her acceptance depended a lot on a good motivational essay, we discussed her motivation. She told me that the school would give her the opportunity to study web design and photography. I asked her if she had a computer and a camera at home. She had both, so I asked her if someone prevented her from designing web sites and taking photos. Nobody did, but she did not practice either because they were not part of the school curriculum.

Yesterday I read a student’s response. She wrote that she liked organizing and leading activities which involve and help people. She said she would be really happy and do her best if she were given the opportunity to do that. Has anyone ever prevented her from creating a school club and doing her best to involve students who might benefit from it?

We do not live in the Third World, so we have access to technology and information. We do not live in a totalitarian country, so we are free to be proactive and start clubs and community services.

By saying to colleges that you have never used your opportunities because nobody ever served them to you on a silver plate, you do impress them – you strike them as the most spoiled kid they have ever heard from.

Of course, you can tell them that you do not come from a well-to-do family and really could not afford a computer / camera / Internet connection. They would, then, wonder why you have never lifted a finger to work, at least during the summer vacations, to help your family budget. Working during the school year might explain your lack of time and failure to start the club of your dreams.

The day before I was quite impressed to see a senior student from the math school doing the afternoon-evening shift as a cashier in Kaufland.


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  1. Posted by sveti on March 17, 2008 at 9:01 pm

    Lyd, i’m pretty sure you know the true reasons for this girl’s desire.

    And also why she is incapable of giving a proper explanation for the thing she so much “truly” wants to happen.

    She cannot explain, because her actual reasons are of other kind, they’re not rational, and you’re asking for a rational answer. She wants to be in the USA, because there is more glamour and prestige. She does not know exactly why she wants to be there, but she wants it so passionately, so passionately..its a key word. she wants it like she wants some Gucci clothes, or something else of another ‘prestigeous’ trademark that she can own.
    I remember now a book of Erich Fromm, titled “To have or to be?”
    In our bulgarian language we have a word for that kind of desire, it’s called “prishtyavka”.
    I think this girl probably doesn’t understand the true meaning of the proverb: “Not all that glitters is gold”.
    There are lots of people on the Earth who identify themselves only with what is obvious, only with the things they possess.
    Of course she might have other reosons like, not liking her classmates, but my overall opinion is that if she really wanted to study those thing, she would have used the not so little opportunities, which she already had.


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