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college application essays

I’ll be posting some sage tips on the broad topics and not only; the category title is “application essays”.


essays on Growth

Growth = change

If you feel intimidated by the word “Growth”, think of a substitute. I suggest “change”. Well it may turn out to be inappropriate to include in a college essay later, but might turn out to be your rite of passage into personal writing. Indulge in some “useless” exploration of your personality. Here we go:

Remember times in which you were different from what you are now – in any little respect.

It does not have to be a revolutionary change, for it is rarely possible to have undergone any of the kind at this tender age. Any little one counts. It could be a change in habits, looks, outlooks, values, style, etc.

Describe the difference between what you are and what you used to be.

It is always a good idea to stay focused and avoid digression. However, if you feel that the change has somehow colored aspects of your life which are hard to immediately relate to the issue, don’t hesitate to discuss them. A thoughtful and observant person can see beneath the surface and beyond the horizon.

Try do identify the factors instrumental in the change.

It could have been all your decision and implementation. Still, you might have been inspired, supported, assisted by something or someone. Try to do justice to everyone and everything, including yourself. You don’t need to be neither too modest nor too self-promoting. Honesty is the best policy.

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college application essays : broad topics

These are not specific college application essay topics but rather broad ones, so that you can provide as much material as you can. The more you have, the better your chances to discover something special in it.

Growth and Development

Think of events and scenarios to show how you have changed. Well, it does not have to be a revolutionary change – any small on counts. It does not matter if changes were sudden and abrupt or gradual.

Goals – personal, academic, career

Think of all three categories as much as you can. You might come up with specific and “realistic” responses, but you might also come up with hazy, fuzzy, “wild” daydreams. Do not dismiss any of them.

Role Models and Influence

Think of the forces that shaped you. You don’t have to describe them in great detail; it’s you who colleges are interested in. Think of how these shaped you, how you changed under their influence.


These do not have to be the most impressive ones by mainstream standards. It’s important to choose the really meaningful to you, no matter how small and unimportant they might seem to the conventional Bulgarian audience. They might be about meals you have cooked or the day you learned to tie your shoelaces. Anything that has brought you satisfaction and pride counts.

Hobbies and Interests

Don’t just list them. Elaborate on them. Include even the ones you have not had the chance to pursue.

Childhood Experiences

Think of your most vivid childhood memories. Then pick out the ones that can be related to who you are today.

Your Favourite …

Book, character, historical figure … anything. I’d like to hear of as many favourites as possible.