essays on Growth

Growth = change

If you feel intimidated by the word “Growth”, think of a substitute. I suggest “change”. Well it may turn out to be inappropriate to include in a college essay later, but might turn out to be your rite of passage into personal writing. Indulge in some “useless” exploration of your personality. Here we go:

Remember times in which you were different from what you are now – in any little respect.

It does not have to be a revolutionary change, for it is rarely possible to have undergone any of the kind at this tender age. Any little one counts. It could be a change in habits, looks, outlooks, values, style, etc.

Describe the difference between what you are and what you used to be.

It is always a good idea to stay focused and avoid digression. However, if you feel that the change has somehow colored aspects of your life which are hard to immediately relate to the issue, don’t hesitate to discuss them. A thoughtful and observant person can see beneath the surface and beyond the horizon.

Try do identify the factors instrumental in the change.

It could have been all your decision and implementation. Still, you might have been inspired, supported, assisted by something or someone. Try to do justice to everyone and everything, including yourself. You don’t need to be neither too modest nor too self-promoting. Honesty is the best policy.


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