Goals = Dreams

The second suggested broad topic was Goals – personal, academic, career.

Some of you might have had quite specific goals for quite a while; yet, when asked to elaborate on them – how you happened to set them up, how you imagine the achieved results, you feel there’s not much to say. Then, how do you know you have these goals? Can you be sure they are truly yours? Are they what you have always known you should do or be? Well, if that’s the case, chances are these are not your dreams but your environment’s expectations about you. I don’t mean they don’t stand a chance of overlapping with your real dreams, but to make sure, you need to put them to a reality test.

Here is a way to do it:

Extrapolate your dream to the full, or … as much as you can.

You can’t? Well, if you have never played with a dream and extended it into the future, then how are you sure it’s your dream? Aren’t dreams supposed to fill you with bliss? Why have you been missing these happy moments so far?

You can? OK, now if you have reached the zenith, stop and tell me how you feel. Do you feel at home? If not and still hell-bent on reaching the goal, you might some day have climbed up a tall ladder only to realize that it had been propped against the wrong wall. That’s what some people call “mid-age crisis”. Buying a fancy car and changing your husband / wife do not always help much.

Still, how could you discover your real dreams? I have told you many times: first, forget all about your limitations – inadequate finance, body size, brain power, wrong place of birth – whatever you believe is the hindrance. Yes, explore the same old topic:

What would you do, how would you be spending your days if you didn’t have to work for money – you had all the time, money, power, health, support, etc. that you need. Dream wildly!

I know you have done that already. I know I have read some of your responses. You know what? I have not seen really wild dreams. You have been so sadly “realistic”, so shortsightedly confined in your provincial little world.

Try again!

If you have already reached what you believe you can reach in dreams, go small – think of the details. Try to imagine your dream life as vividly as possible. You come up with too many scenarios? Don’t be afraid of being inconsistent. Consistency is the last refuge of the mediocre, they say.

Turn every little stone to get out the treasure that’s lying underneath. Imagine colors, smells, sounds, sensations.

It’s useless? Well, that’s what my assignments for you have always been.


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