transcendental dreaming

o wilde

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

People say you should have big dreams because you can never achieve more than you have dreamed of. It’s not just a beautiful adage; it’s down-to-earth logic – if you haven’t dreamed of something, you’ll never make efforts to achieve it; should it come to you out of the blue, you won’t recognize it for what it is, so you’ll either let it go unnoticed or deny it. In order to get hold of it, you should have somehow been prepared. Unfortunately, many people are not prepared for good luck because too often it goes beyond the confines of their little world.

Most people around have not heard of so many facts of life that they don’t believe me when I speak about them. How could they dream of things they don’t believe in? Well, we all have limited knowledge, but some of us recognize their ignorance and have in their minds free space for the unheard of, so when it comes, they don’t deny it and might wish to explore it and give it a chance. Some of us don’t even wait for the unknown to come; they create it themselves.

There are so many careers my students have never heard of. How could they ever dream of them? Besides, they refuse to believe that there could be any career they have not heard of, and they cannot possibly imagine that new careers could be invented. Yet, it’s a fact of life: people do invent their own careers and businesses, offering unheard of products and services, thus positioning themselves out of competition – at least for a while.

If you only dream of what you know, and you know so little, then you’ll have tiny dreamlets.

Consider this text when you’re working on your GOALS topic.


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