Extrapolate a day

Anastas shared the following dream: to tour Europe, spending more time at a place than an ordinary tourist would, i.e. he wants to live for some time in each town he visits. He also came up with a list of the countries. So far so good. However, that’s just an outline of a dream. It’s like an artist saying, “I would like to depict a horse.” That doesn’t say much about the work of art. After all, there are so many artistic media, techniques, moods, whose interplay might produce thousands of horses, but you know that a sketch of a horse affects you in a way that is quite different from the way an equestrian statue would. Thus, there is a long way to go from the simple utterance of intention to the detailed action plan, based on a vivid vision.

As we’re aiming at vividness today, we’d better focus like a laser, rather than radiate like a sun. Here’s why I, after hearing about the sights he would see, the food he would taste, the people he would talk to and the music he would listen to, I asked Anastas to focus on a day – a whole day – from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep and fill it with his life. For some people it’s not easy to bear the world for a whole day; for most it’s not easy to bear themselves for a day. Do try to concentrate and experience the best introspection ever – be conscious and save the day.


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