Role models and influence

It’s fashionable among young people today (the ones who believe they are God Damn Independent) to say they have no idols, that the most important thing is to be yourself. Would you give me a break, please? Recognizing an influence in your life does not detract from your greatness. Perceiving someone as a role model does not mean emulating him completely, stealing his identity; it means liking him for some aspect of his personality. I am not embarrassed to admit, for example, that my prep class English teacher, Ms Dobreva, has contributed most to my teaching style – self-reliance is what I got from her. You see? It doesn’t hurt.

Colleges are not interested in the role-model / influence himself; they want to find out about you, so try to persuade people that you are what you claim to be (examples, illustrations), and show them the way you adopted what you claim you did from the person. It could be a real or imaginary person. Thus, I could admit that Pippi has had a far greater overall impact on my personality than Ms Dobreva.

You have to prepare a speech for tomorrow, don’t you?


2 responses to this post.

  1. I had a few people who I used to admire for what they are and who have to some extent shaped my ambitions and desires during high-school. Later in life I was unfortunate enough to meet some of them in person.

    A role model is a mix of a real person and your imagination. as you have only limited information about your idols. Hence shaping the image of a role model makes you project your own values, the ones you get from your parents, from your friends, and- ideally- from your own judgment, onto your model.

    Quite unfortunately, the same applies to love.


  2. Sure 🙂 The bigger part of the role model is you, and that’s what colleges are interested in 🙂


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