September tasks 1

We’ll have group sessions with college applicants after 15 September. Then we’ll discuss application form and format details. Until then, please focus on really essential stuff like working on your essays.

Here is a new task:

Prepare a detailed RESUME.

Why? For several reasons:

1. You’ll have all your activities, interests, hobbies, awards, etc. neatly outlined, so that you can give them to teachers preparing your recommendations. It’ll help them a lot as they cannot remember everything about you.

2. You’ll need the outline to fill in some parts of the applications, and you won’t fail to include important details.

3. I’ll need them to get insight what you might include in your essays, what you might discuss at interviews.

4. You’ll need them to prepare for interviews. It might be a good idea to present interviewers with resumes.

5. You might send them to some colleges.

Use a computer, please!!!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Vesi on September 8, 2008 at 11:42 pm

    Wow the post is just on time. I was going to start writing it these days. How about transfer? Is it again from 9th grade until now?


  2. Hm … why not? I have actually never thought of that 😀 How about asking the other girls and reporting back?


  3. OK, I asked Eli and Mira and both said I need only Cottey experience at the resume 🙂 Yay, I was hoping for that 🙂 Also it is better not be as a chart, but a little bit different. I will send you a file when I get it ready.


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