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Havva letters

hey Lyd!!!Pozdravleniq za statiqta 🙂 4ak sega imah vreme da q pro4eta i si spomnih, 4e ti si ni govorila za Karsun i Tiha prolet :))) kak e? haresva li ti da si praktikuva6t jurnalist?
az pokray tezi midterms se bqh pobyrkala malko ama ve4e mina 🙂 v writing course-a mi pisahme za public and private feelings. be6e mn interesno za6toto vsi4ki 4etqha eseto i pi6eha razni komentari i obsujdaha. ideqta e sled kritikite i da si podobri6 eseto. edno ot momi4etata ne moja da ponese kritikata i se razplaka. be6e mn stranno, za6toto kato cqlo kazaha hubavi ne6ta :/ tazi sedmica trqbav da ni dadat midterm evaluations i mi e mn interesno za6toto dosega nqmam nikakva ocenka. predpolagam, 4e imam ama profesorite dosega ni6to ne sa kazali i osven komentari drugo ne sa pisali na esetata mi, koeto e dosta stranno za men, za6toto po princip samo ocenka sum polu4avala bez komentari 🙂
minalia den hodih v Museum of the modern Art 🙂 za nas vhoda e bezplaten i moje da hodim vseki den ako iskame 🙂 be6e naistina strahotno ama nqkoi ne6ta naistina ne gi razbrah kato naprimer bql ogromen list, prazen. dosta misleh kak tova e izkustvo ama ne stignah do nikakvo zaklyu4enie 😦 stranno no dnes nqmam za u4ene i nay-setne 6te pro4eta Alice in Wonderland 🙂 suvsem slu4ayno q vidqh v knijarnitcata i se setih, 4e nikoga ne sum q 4ela, a vsu6tnost se okaza, 4e e dosta interesna 🙂 edna priqtelka izkomentira, 4e Carroll was obviously on drugs when writing this book :0 mislq, 4e e prava :)) stranno, no horata tuk neprekusnato kupuvat i 4etat knigi navsqkude 🙂 hayde az otivam viv Wonderland 🙂

October task for US college applicants

In November we’ll meet to discuss tough questions about application forms and all supporting documents. Before we meet, I’d like you to study the application process on your own, using the following sources:

1. The “College application” category in this blog. The archive contains more than one page, so make sure you click on “Older posts”. The most important text is called “Всички документи“, so I suggest you read it first.

2. The “Financial aid” category in this blog. The current College Board financial aid forms could be found here: 1. and 2.

3. The “Comm app” category in this blog and the Common Application website.

4. At least one college website. You could use, for example, Yale as its website is really easy to navigate and instructions are clearly worded. Remember, you’re applying to college, so you’re applying for undergraduate school, and as you are an applicant, you’re a prospective student.

Make sure you have read everything before you e-mail me your questions ot drop by at the office to ask them in person!!! I hope you don’t forget your questions, so … write them down on a piece of paper 🙂

on portfolios

All interests pursued on your own will be to your advantage, positioning you as an interesting, well-rounded person. However, you don’t need to present admissions officers with samples of all you have practiced. Evaluating these takes a lot of time, so admisiions committees hope they receive only samples that show real talent. If you love drawing and you do spend a couple of hours a week at it, you should definitely mention it in your application. However, if your best accomplishment is a replica of your favourite manga strip, you’d better not send it. Well, if you have created your own comic and you do believe it’s great, do send it after thinking twice and asking people whose judgement you appreciate.

Here’s what Yale says about sending supplementary materials:

You should think carefully before submitting supplementary material with your Yale College application. Many successful applicants submit only the items that we require. There are also cases in which too many submissions, or submissions that do not reflect a high level of talent, can actually work against a candidate. Because the Admissions Committee gives greatest weight to the documents required of all applicants, we recommend that students focus their energies primarily on these elements of the application.

Supplementary submissions make sense for students with clearly substantial and well-developed talent that cannot be adequately conveyed in the rest of the application. Due to the large number of applications that Yale College receives, we cannot evaluate all supplementary materials that are sent to us. Admissions officers and faculty members will be selective in choosing which submissions to review.

financial aid for early applicants

Here is what Yale says about financial aid for early admitted applicants:

Q. If I am accepted to Yale early, when will I receive a financial aid package?

A. If you submitted all required financial aid materials to Yale with your Early Action application, you will receive an estimated financial aid package at the same time as you receive your offer of admission. This estimate will be updated and your final aid package confirmed in early April.

You know that some early application paths are binding: if you are accepted, you can either choose to enroll and give up application at other colleges OR deny the offer. In the first case, you’ll never get offers from other schools. It’s OK because you applied early to your top choice school, but it’s not OK because you also applied for financial aid. If you are accepted by several schools and you do care about costs, then you’ll probably choose the school you can afford or try to bargain with your top choice, showing them that their rivals offer you more generous packages. If you apply early, it’s impossible to compare and bargain. Besides, just as Yale says, you might be offered and have accepted an estimate of the financial package, but in April things might have changed and you might be offered a lower one.

online or paper application?

Some people believe that a paper application is more personal and shows genuine interest, etc. I believe that what really matters is content, not format. Admissions officers from Yale seem to think the same. Great minds think alike.

Here’s what I copy/pasted from Yale’s website:

*In the 2007-2008 application cycle, 95% of our applicants filed their application online. Yale encourages electronic applications for two reasons: your convenience and our processing speed and accuracy. We know that some college counselors and authors of advice manuals recommend applying on paper in order to enhance formatting and appearance. We believe formatting to be irrelevant to our application evaluation procedure, and again, strongly encourage online submissions from our applicants.

Monday will be the only day

From today Monday will be the only day you could come to visit and have a talk. Of course, you could drop by just to hand in or get back some writing on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I’ll be away

to catch up with essays, so you won’t find me on Thursday and Friday (16th and 17th) 😛

C U on Monday (20th), guys!