International student financial aid application 2009-10

Yes! If you’re using the 2008-2009 application, you should use the 2009-10 form for financial aid! Don’t ask me why 🙂

Section A

2. Permanent address: where you officially live

4. Mailing address: where you receive your mail. It could be a P.O. Box, for example, or you Gramdma’s address if it is more dependable 🙂

8. Expected visa type: Academic or language training (F)

10. List below the names of the colleges and universities to which you are applying: you are not obliged to to that 🙂

Section B

12. deceased = dead

15 How many people, including yourself. depend on the income of your parents for daily living expenses? If you are 2 children in the family and you are both students, you should write “2”. If it’s complicated, ask me 🙂

16. Family Member Listing – include brothers, sisters, parents, but do not include yourself.

Section C

19. Does your government currently impose restrictions on the exchange and release of funds for study in the USA? No.

21. How will you pay for your transportation to the USA? If your parents don’t have the money saved, you could write “a bank loan”.

22. Your household income – if your parents are divorced, and you live with one of them, then you write about his household, so not all other parent’s income should be written here. Don’t fill in a. OR b. You might write in k. “Monthly support from my father/mother”

Section D

24. Does your family own its home? If your home does not belong to your parents but to some other relatives who let you use it for free (for example your grandparents), you should choose “No”

purchase price – how much your parents paid for your home; present market value – how much it costs today.

Section E

Do this with your parents. Be careful – your expenses should not exceed your income 🙂

Utilities – electricity, water, etc.

Section F

Be realistic. Don’t write more than you can really give. It’s ok to write “0” (zero) if that’s the truth 🙂

Some people believe that if they say they could pay more, they’ll be liked better by colleges. They should know that if you write you can give $ 5, 000, the college will expect you to give it, so if the total cost is $ 50, 000, and you say you can give $ 5,000, the college will cover no more than $ 45, 000.

Section G

Ask me before you write any pathetic bullshit 🙂

Section H

Don’t forget to have this signed 🙂


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