Official translation and verification of documents

To every college you should send officially signed and stamped school documents in English.

If your school issues just one stamped and signed copy, you’ll have to photocopy it and have it verified by a notary (нотариус). You’ll have to pay for each copy! So, ask the school to give you as many stamped and signed copies as you need.

Some schools issue school documents in English, but some don’t. If they don’t you’ll have to ask an official translation office to translate them for you.

Translation offices attach their official translations to original documents or verified copies. If you need to send documents to 5 colleges, you’ll need 5 original documents or 5 verified copies. Make sure the school gives you the right number of signed and stamped documents. Otherwise, you’ll have to have them verified by a notary and pay for each copy.

Schools can verify documents too 🙂 It might, for example verify your TOEFL and SAT scores if you cannot afford paying to have them sent directly to schools. On photocopies they could write “True with the original”, and then have them signed and stamped.

It might be a good idea not to photocopy the whole page, but just the part of it showing your score; thus, schools might fit several test scores on one page, so the envelopes with school docs won’t be so thick 🙂


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