The Common App: Secondary school report 2008-09

This should be written by the secondary school counselor or another school official who knows you better. As some schools here either do not have school counselors or school counselors do not know students well, the wisest thing to do would be to ask one of your teachers.


Current year courses: they should be worded the way they are worded in the course description.

AP and IB: my students do not have such classes. These stand for “Advanced Placement” and “International Baccalaureate”.

Important privacy notice: Yes, I do waive my right to access – colleges believe that if you give up your right to access to teacher recommendations, teachers will feel free to be honest, so such recommendations are given more weight than others.


Official transcript: this is a list of your courses and year grades (for every high school year). For senior (12th year) students, the transcript will include grades from years 8-11. The grades from year 12 will be sent later – when you finish the first term /semester, the school will send a Mid-year school report.

All copies should be stamped and signed.

Some schools issue these in English, but some don’t. If your school issues them in Bulgarian, ask for as many copies as you need (stamped and signed) and take them to a translation office. If they give you just one stamped and signed copy, you’ll have to photocopy it, take it to a notary (нотариус) along with the original, so every copy will be verified, but you’ll have to pay for each copy! More.

School profile: some information about your school. If your school has no idea, I could show them a sample 🙂

Transcript legend: explanation of grade system, so that foreigners could understand which is the highest grade, etc. It’s usually included in the transcript or the school profile.

Title: the position of the counselor – for example, “Teacher of Physics”

Phone / e-mail: If your teachers do not speak English and English teachers will help them prepare the recommendations, it might be a good idea to give the school phone number and the e-mail of the teacher who helped prepare the recommendation. If the teacher doesn’t use e-mail or not regularly, they’d better not write the e-mail address as they might receive something and delete it or see it too late.

CEEB/ACT code: my students’ schools do not have such codes

Class rank: Bulgarian school usually don’t rank. If this is the case with your school, they should not fill in any information about ranking.

Indicate quartile (1/4), quintile (1/5), decile (1/10): here they should write in which group you are – first (highest), second, third 25 %, 20 % or 10% among your classmates (от випуска!). So, if you are among the best 10%, they could write “decile 1”.

GPA = grade point average = средният успех

Cumulative GPA – the GPA from all high school years so far

On a ….. scale:  they could fill in “2-6″ as 2 is the lowest, and 6 is the highest in Bulgaria.

covering a period from: the end of the year 8 till end of year 11

weighted GPA – Bulgarian high school diplomas are an example of weighted – grades from all subjects are not taken into account; some subjects are considered more important. Transcripts usually include all grades, so they are unweghted.Still your school’s policy might be different.

Highest GPA in class: yours may or may not be the highest. For example, yours might be 5.88, and some classmates might have 6.00, so the highest GPA in class is 6.00. School counselors should ask the principal and make sure they write the same information in all students’ reports.

Graduation date: the school principal knows best 🙂

Percentage of graduating class immediately attending four-year and two-year institutions – for example ” 97% four-year” – school counselors should ask the principal and make sure they write the same information in all students’ reports.

Are classes taken on a block schedule? No.

Is the applicant and IB Diploma candidate? No.

If you offer AP courses … : my students’ schools do not offer AP courses, so this need not be filled in.

In comparison with other college preparatory students ….: most demanding

How long have you known this student and in what context? For example:for 3 years as her Physics teacher.

What are the first words that come to your mind to describe this student? No full sentences, just adjectives, and, perhaps, nouns 🙂

Evaluation: this could be written on a separate page. If it is, then here it could be written “Please, see attached evaluation”. The attached sheet should be signed too.

Check here if you would prefer to discuss this applicant over the phone: if your teacher does not speak English or does not want to talk about you, he should not check here.

A number of documents should go into the same envelope with the school report, so it needs to be bigger, for example A5 size.

Please, see these texts too:

How references should look

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Всички документи



3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Nevena on November 15, 2008 at 8:57 pm

    current year courses: повече са отколкото е предвиденото място във формуляра. кои да подберем?

    дали всички колежи искат International supplement to the secondary school report?


  2. Posted by Blagoy on November 19, 2008 at 7:46 pm

    На Current year courses има само 7 полета за попълване възможни на срок а предметите който изучаваме тази година в училище са повече. Как да процедирам в случая?


  3. Броихте редовете или пробвахте да напечатате? Като пробвате да напечатате, се побират 10 🙂 Ако продължават да не се побират, може да се прикрепи лист, а в самия SR да се пише да се види прикрепения лист. Винаги има начин! Мислете де 🙂

    Не знам дали всички колежи го искат. Може би те сами си казват. Пък и той е само 2 листа и не е проблем да се прати на всички – щат не щат, прикрепен към SR телбод 🙂


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