I am not your personal secretary

College applicants are calling me every 30 minutes to ask all kinds of questions. Sometimes they do it because it’s easier than trying to find answers on their own – look up a word in a dictionary, learn how an Internet tool works, etc. They do it the very moment they have faced a problem.

At that very time I might be teaching other students or reading college application essays. Who cares?

It would be a nice idea if they try to solve these problems and then share the solutions with their peers. That’s what our Facebook group is for.

Our Facebook group could also be used to post questions, so that not only I, but also students try to answer.

When you have tried to solve a problem hard enough and you’ve made sure you can’t, and it’s something that would not benefit other students, then send me an e-mail. It might be a good idea not to send me separate messages every minute but gather all your very personal questions in a list and send me one message a day.

If it’s really urgent, stop and think if it’s really that urgent as you might as well spare me the trouble answering the phone at inconvenient hours.


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