Personal statement

I have already mentioned ( a number of times) that your main essay (common app big essay, for example) could be a personal statement. European colleges usually require a personal statement.

You could find some good directions here. Yes, they  teach you how to write about major and career choices, and what if you are undecided? Even if you are undecided, it could be of use because it explains again some pieces of application logic.

You might wish to re-read this to remember that an essay could be quite straightforward 🙂 I’ll tell you a secret: people generally prefer to read clear easy pieces to … Hegel, for example 😉

Here’s what Wikipedia says:

When the scientist Ludwig Boltzmann wanted to learn the profound answers to his questions about life and nature, the culture of his time directed him to Hegel’s works. “To go straight to the deepest depths, I went for Hegel; what unclear thoughtless flow of words I was to find there!”.[27] He soon turned his quest to the works of other philosophers.

Another popular criticism of Hegel came from Bertrand Russell, who was one of the leading figures in analytical philosophy. As an advocate for clarity in language Russell has openly criticised and mocked Hegel in his book Unpopular Essays. Russell also targeted Hegel again, in his A History of Western Philosophy claiming that “…he…is the hardest to understand of all the great philosophers” but also admitting that “Even if [as I myself believe] almost all Hegel’s doctrines are false, he still retains an importance…as the best representation of a certain kind of philosophy.” Also like Schopenhauer, Russell notes that much of Hegel’s philosophy is merely an elaboration of his mystic insight which Hegel was attracted to in his younger years. Russell also attacks Hegel calling his logic “obscure” and accusing him of making knowledge “metaphysically impossible” because of Hegel’s attempt to get rid of the in-itself .


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