Who are you?

Some colleges are interested in who you are. How could you show them?

Your resume (CV) is about what you have done. What you have done is related to who you are, but it does not tell the whole story.

Who you are might be defined by what you have experienced, by the challenges you have faced (you might have been fighting a serious disease or taking care of a relative), by the opportunities you have taken ( you might have made use of available resources rather than complain about the lack of resources; you might have worked on an interesting project) , by the special circumstances in your family (you might have been raised by a single parent or survived a parent’s alcoholism; you might have been raised in poverty; you might have been engaged in your family business), etc. Both positive and negative experiences are important!

It might be a good idea to write the story of your life and send it to me. I might spot some information that could be turned into an essay or some that is worth mentioning in a recommendation (you might later remind your teachers of your special circumstances).

You might jot down an outline first, so that you make sure you have included every relevant event / scenario. Then you might briefly elaborate on each of them (within a paragraph).


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