Who are you #2

You are not only what you have done, faced, survived as demonstrated in your resume and life story. These formats may not be able to show that you are a dreamer or an introvert, that you possess a brilliant analytical mind or Mother Theresa’s compassion. Yet, knowing who you are might help you choose the right college and major; it might help you show admissions officers that you are the one who deserves acceptance (and, perhaps, generous financial aid). I’ll suggest the most appropriate way to do it.

What you need to do now is write a self-inventory – a list of definitions like “resourceful”, “generous”, “spider lover”, “crowd hater”, “a natural-born leader”, etc. You should have in mind all contexts of your life – school, family, the privacy of you room, etc.

When you run out of definitions (aim at 20 at the very beginning and don’t give up at least until you have reached 20), you might have fun with writing short paragraphs supporting your claims – through anecdotes, scenarios, etc.

What if you feel you are “bla-bla”, but you cannot provide evidence? Well, try as hard as possible to provide some, but don’t drop out the definition if you fail to back it up.

Remember, a resume, a life story and a self-inventory should be separate documents with precise and informative file names in Latin, never in Cyrillic!!!


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