Do you ever get bored?

Yesterday I worked with a student on her application to medical schools. One of her reasons to study medicine is that medicine is a fast and constantly evolving field, so she would be a life-long learner and thus never get bored. She told me she got bored when she did not have homework assignments or someone to tell her what to do or entertain her. While she was talking, I jotted down in my notebook “no self-guidance”.

Today I have been thinking about boredom and self-guidance. I believe that every career requires a certain degree of self-guidance and leadership, that the prestigious, well-paid, rewarding careers my students dream of require a high degree of these.

I also believe that boredom and self-guidance are related. Some day I’ll have the time and patience to show you how.

I’ll be trying to find out how kids grow up into self-guided adolescents and adults or into bored, dependent ones. Do you have any clue?


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  1. Posted by nikkiatanasova on August 3, 2009 at 8:59 am

    Boredom is the other name of lack of interest. It is a general attitude towards life. It’s a condition of the spirit – just like happiness, sadness, curiosity, loneliness etc… And being bored of something you like, just because no-one guides you through it… well that’s a serious problem…


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