Why should they pick YOU?

If you are sure you would like to apply to a certain college, and you plan to do it this year, then you probably believe that you have chances for admission. You don’t? Well, what’s the point of bothering over your application then? You do? Well, then you should be able to explain why you believe you’re a good match for the college; you should be able to tell me why they should pick you.

After so much exploration of yourself and colleges, you should know them and yourself so well as to be able to give better reasons than “I just want it!” or “That’s what I have dreamed of since I was a kid!”.

I have been reading what you have been sending me these days, and I wonder why you have been telling most of the things you have been telling me. For a couple of months it was good to try to take out all that you have thought, dreamed of, experienced, as you would learn to be observant and learn not to ignore little things that might turn out to be great treasures, and I would be the watchdog who would not let you waste the precious grains among the straw, but … some people did not even try to learn how to be discerning about their own lives.

I’ll go on reading every text you send me and send back my questions and comments, but after months / years of working together on your applications, I expect you to try to do part of the sifting on your own. A simple way to do it is to ask yourself whether going into sooo much detail makes any sense – whether each detail gives relevant information about you and can be added up to the pile of reasons why your dream college should pick you. If it is not worth telling them, don’t send it to me. An example? Well, I have just read a report with the scores of every match a student’s team got in an international tournament. He could have simply given me the bottom line: that they didn’t win the coveted first place.

Before sending me your whole stream of consciousness, you could reread it and delete part of it. You could change another part if you believe it does not convey your ideas clearly. What I expect to get is your clear thoughts. You could also send me your doubts and questions. While we are still in search of ideas for essays, not working on the essays proper, it might be a good idea not to send me things that look like essays; it might be a good idea to send me things in which you address me, have me in your mind as the audience.

So … tell me why you believe you deserve to get in (all possible reasons!), and then try to prove it by telling me stories about yourself 🙂


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