Applying to college

There is no strict algorithm applicable to every school. You should always visit the school’s website and read the specific requirements. Although many schools make use of common tools like The Common Application (USA) or UCAS (UK), they don’t necessarily have the same application process, asking for exactly the same documents. Often they share a set of generic documents AND require additional ones which vary from school to school. For example, the Common Application is used by over 150 US schools, but some of them require filling out additional forms and writing additional essays; they usually call these “supplements”. Many schools accept the International Student Financial Aid Application and International Student Certification of Finances, but some of them don’t. They have their own forms; some of these look like the common ones, and they might differ only in the presence of the college’s logo, but still they are different. You should expect the same variation in rules in all other countries too.

The good news is you could learn how to work with applications in general. Here are the steps:

– Choose your colleges

– Visit their websites

– Find the relevant instructions:

– if applying to a college in the EU, you are a EU citizen, not “international”
– if applying to a college outside EU, you are “international”
– if you have never studied at a college / university or you have but have not earned a degree (graduated from it and got a diploma), you are applying for “undergraduate” school

– If you plan to apply for financial aid, you should first make sure you are eligible – check if they offer financial aid to international students; you should be careful with EU schools – many of them offer financial aid only to citizens or permanent residents of certain countries, and sometimes the aid is not offered directly by the college but by some external organization.


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