Real isn’t neat

Some students tell me they have no ideas about some topics. Well, some day they’ll have to generate ideas in order to survive, and there’ll be nobody to help them. It’s obvious that they have to develop the skill and habit to think on their own feet. When I have to figure out something and come up with ideas about it, I usually ask a lot of questions … all kinds of questions, trying to approach the issue from as many perspectives as I can. Some of the perspectives are usually just the opposite of other perspectives, and then things are not clear-cut anymore. It appears that there are more than two poles, that opposites seem to penetrate and permeate each other, etc. etc.

Yes, I invest a lot of time in questions. At first the picture becomes blurred, but I am not in a hurry for easy neat answers. If I am patient enough, I reach the point when I am able to see more clearly than before I had jumped into the bog.

I know how jealous you might be as college applicants, but I’ll suggest that you could work together on deconstructing some hard essay topics. When you make sure you have figured them out deep and wide enough, you can separate and come up with your unique anecdotes to relate to the stories. You could do that in the FB group or you might start a secret blog 🙂 You might invite me there. Any volunteers?


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