Taking a year off

You could take a year off NOT because you have not been accepted. You could also apply successfully AND take a year off – through deferred entry application 🙂

Copied from UCAS:

“Taking a year out?

If any of your students want to take a year out before starting their course, they should check with their universities and colleges that they will accept a deferred entry application. If they apply for deferred entry in 2011, they must still apply by the relevant deadline above, and meet the conditions of any offers by 31 August 2010. If they accept a place starting in 2011, they cannot reapply through us in the 2011 cycle, unless their original application is withdrawn.”

Always make sure you have saved the information you have entered! Do not check sections as completed before you have made sure they really are! You’d better check them as complete right before sending your application.

Make sure you have a valid bank card with enough money in it  to pay your fees! You should have more money than the fee as your bank might charge some for the transfer!


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  1. Posted by Pauline on February 25, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    I was told it is fun so why not try it.


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