UK: UCAS 2010

I have covered only the tricky parts here. The rest is either obvious or clearly explained in the help sections on the right side of each item. You could also read my 2009 instructions and ask specific questions in the FB group or via e-mail / phone. Make sure you have carefully read the UCAS website and not rely ONLY on my notes and help. You should make sure you understand the process before you ask me about details.

Personal details

Postal address: write it the way a Bulgarian post officer could find it easily. I would just write the address in Bulgarian with Latin letters.

Residential category: UK Citizen or EU National

Reference numbers:

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Number: your registration number – this is the number you are given when you register to take the test, and it is also displayed on your score sheet when you get your results

Student support:

Fee code: If you’ll be applying for student tuition loans, choose: 02 LA, SAAS, NIBd, EU, ChI, IoM or Student Finance England – Applying for student support assessment by Local Authority, Student Finance England, Student Awards Agency for Scotland, Northern Ireland Education and Library Board, SLC EU Team, Channel Island or Isle of Man agency.(if you are going to apply for tuition loans),

and then choose EU Team

Be careful here: The help says: “A small number of universities and colleges do not receive public funding and their students may not get help towards tuition fees under the student support arrangements. These institutions are clearly marked in the Course Search section on the UCAS website.” Check if the university you have chosen allows you to pay your tuition through public loans!


If you cannot find your school name, just fill it in the box

Did you / will you receive any formal qualifications at this school? Yes (even if you have not received them yet!)

Once you have added a school, you can add your qualifications:

Bulgaria-Diploma za sredno obrazovanie (or if you’re studying in profesionalna gimnazia: Bulgaria-Diploma za sredno spezialno obrazovanie). You could find this by clicking on the letter B in the alphabet.

If you have already graduated from school, you could give your GPA (среден успех от дипломата); you could also add your scores from the state exams (матури). If you haven’t, you’ll leave the “Grade” box blank, but you’ll enter the date when you’ll receive your diploma.

You could also add “Modules”. Here you could enter school grades. I would enter some grades on important subjects – by adding modules.  It might be a good idea to enter information about all academic subjects, starting from the ones that might be the most important for the chosen course (major). The registration centre is going to check if you have entered the correct numbers, comparing what you have entered to the official school transcript. When you add the subjects you study now, in 1year 12, leave the grade box empty (or chose “pending” if there’s a drop-down menu) as these will be available at the end of the school year.

After you have added (and saved!) all modules for subjects, click on the “back to summary” to enter other qualifications, for example TOEFL scores. You could find it by clicking on the letter T in the alphabet – TOEFL / TEFL (not TEFL / TOEFL!). You could enter the TOTAL score above, and then, by adding modules, you might give separate scores for separate skills.

You could also add your SAT scores even if UK colleges might not need them to accept you. If they are good, why not boast them?

Always make sure you have saved the information you have entered! Do not check sections as completed before you have made sure they really are! You’d better check them as complete right before sending your application.

Make sure you have a valid bank card with enough money in it  to pay your fees! You should have more money than the fee as your bank might charge some for the transfer!


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