On the 22 September, 2009 I created a Twitter account and wrote in this blog that I would use it to post short messages (up to 140 characters – just like SMS). You can see the latest messages in the top right corner of the blog.

Why don’t I use the blog to post these messages? Why do I have to use another tool?

Well, I could use the blog, of course, but I prefer to write there articles that could be read over and over again – just like the Holy Scriptures. I don’t want to create clutter by shouting out my instant thoughts and link discoveries – these are more or less ephemeral – just like the news on TV 🙂 Of course, as my words never lack wisdom, you might wish to re-read my tweets now and then 😉

I also use Twitter because it is one of the most popular web tools I find really useful, so I would like you to get used to using it.

Why should you use another Internet tool?

You should not only because I use it, and this is one of the ways to be updated on our common work but also because you need to know how the world works today, and some Internet tools have gained an important status in it, and you should know what they are about, how and why people use them. That’s part of 21 century culture; let’s call it “virtual culture”. I believe you have to have some knowledge of it, just as you need to know how to read, write and use search engines.

Some specific good reasons to use Twitter?

1. It keeps you updated on breaking news. A lot of media have created their Twitter accounts to share news with you. Instead of opening all their websites and looking for news, you’ll have the news delivered instantly through Twitter. Whenever you decide to take a look at your account, you’ll have a list of news (and most often links to them) you might wish to check.

2. It keeps you updated on news you won’t get from traditional media as they filter information or lack access to it. You could get first-hand information from eye-witnesses rather than wait for journalists who might be banned from the place.

3. You could receive fresh information about any topic you choose.

4. You could instantly share information with people – much faster than sending e-mail or blogging.

5. You could “merge” your account with other publishing tools you use, e.g. you might embed the tweets in your blog – automatically.

There are many ways to use Twitter, so you might wish to have separate accounts for different purposes. It’s annoying to log in and out all the time to juggle several accounts, so you might use another application, e.g. HootSuite.

Of course, you might wish to know much more about Twitter 🙂 You could Google it rather than rely on my brief introduction or just create in account right now and start using it – that’s so easy 🙂


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