US financial aid documents

You should carefully check about documents with EVERY college.

Some of them accept standard Collegeboard forms like the International Student Financial Aid Application , International Student Certification of Finances , and the Business/Farm supplement (if your parents have their own business). Be careful with these! If you are applying this season to start school in 2010, you are using the 2009-10 Common Application Form, BUT the Collegeboard financial aid forms should be for 2010-11!!!

If your parents are divorced /never married, some colleges might also require the Noncustodial Profile. As that might be a problem for some of you, we’ll have to discuss it later. Here is a form you could use to prepare the information.

However, some colleges might require THEIR OWN FORMS. These might be quite similar to the Collegeboard forms.

You should also provide other documents to verify what you have declared in the forms – statements from employers, showing your parents’ salaries, etc. Please, find more information about these in older entries in the “financial aid” category in this blog. Make sure you prepare them on time! Some documents might need translation into English!


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