Justice with Michael Sandel

You thought you may never have the chance to take a seat in a Harvard lecture hall? Well, I took a front row seat tonight; no, I comfortably lay in my front row bed to watch Michael Sandel, one of the most famous Harvard professors, lecture and lead a discussion about what the morally right thing to do is.

This is the first course Harvard has ever made available to everyone. You are even invited to take part in the dicussions online. You are also offered further reading. You can even write some papers on the series … I’ll read them 🙂 You can start a discussion in our forum or in your own blog.

How is that useful?

First, it is useful to improve your listening skills.

Second, it is useful to take a look at a university lecture hall and experience one of the university teaching formats.

Third, it is useful to practice thinking about tough questions.

Fourth, it is useful to get an idea of political philosophy and law.

Fifth, it is useful to be able to tell colleges that you have already attended a good number of lectures to explore the field you claim to be interested in.

The website of the project

All episodes on YouTube


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  2. […] Какво можеш да дариш? Можеш да дариш пари като Бил Гейтс. Можеш да отделиш от времето си и да станеш доброволец.   Можеш да дадеш вещи, да споделиш умения като Томас Фарбър, да научиш някого на нещо добро, да предложиш идеи като Лидия Стайкова. […]


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