No excuses

If you have already chosen a field to major in / a career to prepare for, you will be expected to demonstrate genuine interest in the field / career and motivation to study / practice it. Most often this is the element that will make or break your application.

Too many students cannot tell colleges more than “I have wanted to be a lawyer / doctor since I was a kid.” They believe that they don’t need to know anything about the field as learning about it is what they expect to do at college.

Colleges, however, do not think so. They want to make sure what you know about the field / carer is much more than what you have seen in the movies. Why?

1. Colleges want to attract students who will not be disappointed with the field / career. They need students who will be motivated to graduate from college, not ones who will drop out when they find out what the field / career is really about.

2. Colleges believe that if you are really passionate about a field / career, you will have tried to learn as much as you can about it before submitting your application.

Some students say they don’t have enough information, but I believe that’s the most ridiculous thing to say in the Internet era.

How can you find out more about a field? The least you can do is listen to video lectures. More and more universities are uploading their courses online. You can find some links in this blog.

How can you find out more about a career? The least you can do is read some career profiles online. You can find some links in this blog.

You can ask at least me and Google for more information anytime. That translates as “You have no excuse for ignorance.” Remember: what I have just mentioned is the LEAST you can do, the least colleges expect you to have done before submitting your application.


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