A new season of application essay writing

Some of you are going to reapply to colleges; others have never applied and have almost no idea what it is all about. To make the lives of both groups easier, I am writing this text 🙂

On Thursday we are going to open the new season of application essay writing with the discussion “Whom should colleges accept?”. It might be a good idea for reapplying students to think about that and e-mail me their thoughts 🙂

So far I have written about 40 texts dedicated to college application essays. They could be found in categories and under tags “application essays”. Today I have compiled the most important of them and ordered them under several titles. You might prefer to print out the document (21 pages) for further reference.

I have started with some broad topics rather than specific essay topics, so that we could gather as much  material as possible. Then I discuss most of these topics in separate articles (to some topics I have dedicated more than one article).  You could also find information about personal statements and motivational essays.

Under “Meta” you could find some general tips on college application writing, and under “Meta: technical”, you’ll find some tips on page layout, planning your work, etc.

New applicants should not be in a hurry to read everything; they had better read relevant texts after class discussions. They might read “Meta:technical” tips on how I would like them to format their documents before e-mailing them to me.

application essays – a neat plan


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  1. Posted by kanthicha on November 7, 2012 at 11:01 pm

    Thank You, It was helpful…


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