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Time to shortlist US colleges

It is high time you started short-listing colleges. Here is what I would do if I were you:

– reread the articles about the colleges you liked when you first read the college guide and eliminate some of the colleges you don’t like

– visit college websites and eliminate the schools you don’t really like

– find out about financial aid opportunities and eliminate the colleges which do not offer financial aid to international students or the ones that offer inadequate financial aid.

You could find out about the financial aid from their websites (do not look at the info in the college guide as it was meant for Americans), write to admissions offices and financial aid offices. You could also check the following list of colleges offering financial aid to international stuents: Schools with Financial Aid for International Undergraduate Students.

You could ask me anytime if in doubt … about anything 🙂 Make sure you also read these websites:

Paying for School: Financial Aid

Financial Aid for Undergraduate International Students

International financial aid blog



Dear students,

I am sorry for posting this update that late, but things did not turn out exactly as I had imagined. My son was born on 7 June, and it took me longer than I had expected to get used to his  needs. Meanwhile, my father was seriously ill and passed away on 13 July.

I hope you have stored enough books to read as I might not be able to show up at the office before the end of August. Well, I’ll be there almost daily in September, so don’t worry 🙂

Today I am starting to read and comment on your essays. I hope you keep writing, mailing and waiting patiently for my responses. Do not forget to write something in the subjects fields of messages 🙂