Applying to US colleges

You could find a lot of information in this blog. It is distributed in different categories, so it is easy to find it.

Every year I write updates about application forms. Before I write the ones for the current application season, please, take a look at all the “old” information I have posted so far. Meanwhile, open Common Application and college websites and try to find out how stuff works 🙂 This will help you get a thorough picture of the process. Write down all questions that come to your minds and send them to me, so that I could prepare more efficient materials. Your questions should be specific; please don”t ask me to explain “everything” to you!

Don’t forget to try to understand the information on your own first rather than completely rely on me. I will be there for you, but not to do everything for you, but just to help you with some parts that you find tough after trying hard on your own.

Some college admissions officers say that handling the application forms is a kind of test 🙂 If you are unable to figure out most of the forms, then you will definitely be unable to handle academic work.


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