“How will you enrich the [College Name] community, and how do you think it might enrich you?”

A question from the forum.

The second question calls for a motivational essay  I have already written about that here.

The first calls for self-reflection – you have to finally find out who you are at this stage of your life and what you have to offer. You should persuade admissions officers that you do have something to offer … to the community.

What is the community? A community consists of people – professors and students. Both of them need enrichment, but after all a college is meant to educate students first, so you might think: how would your presence help make other students’ college experience richer?

What is college experience? Classroom experience, extracurricular activities, dormitory experience, canteen experience, lab experience, sports field experience, art studio experience, etc. etc.

I have read in too many people’s essays the promise that they will teach their classmates Bulgarian folk dance and cook Bulgarian food for them, so give me a break, please! You are much more than a representative of your ethnic group. You have a unique background – your life experience, your passions and outlooks. You are not a flat but a multi-dimensional being.

What could you share about yourself? As early as April, I posted a long document you can download – the broad topics, some tips, etc. When you have tried writing on all of them, you would have searched yourself high and low, and you will be able to write a personal “inventory” – this summary of all you could boast is what you could give to the community.

And here is a warning.


2 responses to this post.

  1. really a great way to have the best of it. thanks for sharing this. looking forward to have more information like this.


  2. Posted by Stephany on January 4, 2014 at 4:30 am

    Thank you very much!! It’s helping me so far 🙂


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