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Jivka (Cottey, Mount Holyoke) on success and supporters

Success is not luck. It’s about being supported when you need it. So success is about being open to receive the help people want to give you. But be cautoius! Choose your supporters the way you choose your friends. Real supporters like real friends will not try to make the path easier to walk on or the distance shorter, but they will give you the initial push that will alllow you to start the journey. And they will be there, in your heart and mind, every time to remind you why you should keep on walking. After all you don’t want to disappoint the people who believed in you when you didn’t dare to have hopes that your wings are capable of flying on.

The most successful people are not the ones who  have made millions of dollars in bank accounts but who have given others that initial push which enabled them to spread their wings and reach for their dreams. The art of giving is a skill. However, many people want to limit it to conventional charity. But what society needs is less charity and more personal approach. What made me stay in college when I was not sure how to pay for it was not a donation but my teachers’ reminds of how good a student I was. And like every “nerd” sometimes I was hated for being always one step ahead. But hatred is powerless when there is so much love – my love of knowledge, my teachers’ love of teaching and my friends’ love for me the way I was, I am and will be.

Receiving is inevitably related to the wish to give back not necessarily to your supporters but to the world. No wonder I want to become a college professor ( and a first-class medical researcher). No wonder that now I am more certain than ever that my dreams are possible. If  success was just luck, then I had been very lucky to have the support of people I will never forget. On getting a few more steps closer to achieving my goals, I want to say thank you to my supporters. This is to all my friends, teachers, “enemies” and “haters”. Thank you for the push!

Maybe one day I will say these very same words on receiving the Noble Prize in teaching :D. Maybe one day there will be such a prize and I will be the first one to receive it :P. However, I will not pretend that I won’t own it to my countless supporters- 1) the ones I have had the pleasure to know, 2) the ones I secretly wish I had not met (who, however, gave me a good push), and 3) the ones who I have never seen in person but who all motivated me to keep on  doing the right things. And so I keep on walking…thanks to you.