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СУПЦ Димитровград

I have started a forum topic “СУПЦ Димитровград”. You can find it in Education > Other


Your friend TED

TED is one of your best friends who has been helping you improve your English listening skills and expand your perspective on the world.

Ask not what else TED can do for you – ask what you can do for TED. Join the open translation project.

aren’t we lucky?

If we don’t give a damn about the people who are worse off, we could at least be aware of their existence, because even if we are not grateful for what we have, we could at least realize we have it – it might make us happier. I wanted to share a link.

Happy New Year!

how far would you go

Ben has flown as far as Haskovo, Bulgaria.

because he heard his calling, I guess

I hope he has something meaningful to say on Peace Corps 70th anniversary

I hope even the most cynical now see the difference between the American Peace Corps and the American army

You’re welcome, Ben!