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On common application

Dear readers,

I am planning to write some new tips on using The Common Application website to help applicants to US colleges 🙂



Applying to US colleges – 2

A student ask me whether I will tell you to start working on the common application when the time comes or you should decide on your own.

I believe that now it is more important to focus on application essays.

Meanwhile your parents will provide you with financial statements from their employers, and your schools will provide you with school documents, and your teachers will write your recommendations.

Before I publish instructions on how to fill out some common application and financial aid forms, you might register an account with the Common App. You could watch demo videos, go through all Power Point presentations – for students AND for teachers and counselors, so that you get an idea of what the process is like and if necessary help your teachers.

We could discuss all questions about your application in the forum. There I have started a special common app topic. You could find it in Appliation > Application forms > Common application 2010 – overviews

Writе to you soon … about financial aid applications 😉

Applying to US colleges

You could find a lot of information in this blog. It is distributed in different categories, so it is easy to find it.

Every year I write updates about application forms. Before I write the ones for the current application season, please, take a look at all the “old” information I have posted so far. Meanwhile, open Common Application and college websites and try to find out how stuff works 🙂 This will help you get a thorough picture of the process. Write down all questions that come to your minds and send them to me, so that I could prepare more efficient materials. Your questions should be specific; please don”t ask me to explain “everything” to you!

Don’t forget to try to understand the information on your own first rather than completely rely on me. I will be there for you, but not to do everything for you, but just to help you with some parts that you find tough after trying hard on your own.

Some college admissions officers say that handling the application forms is a kind of test 🙂 If you are unable to figure out most of the forms, then you will definitely be unable to handle academic work.


My first day at the office will be 7 September. I’ll be there every workday from 3 to 6 p.m. You are welcome 🙂

A special group session for college applicants will be held in mid-September as some of them are out of town now.

Have you read the blog?

Dear college applicants,

I would like to remind you that it would do you a good to read the whole blog:

1. get an idea of the application procedure

2. find out what a narrative resume is and start writing one

3. read everything I have written about application essay topics and start working on application essay ideas

4. read everything else and jot down questions you might need to ask me

Summer writing for college applicants

I have received a lot of  TOEFL/SAT essays and few papers about your personalities, experiences, etc. I wish it were just the opposite. I believe it would be better to switch to the second type as we are running out of time. While gathering material for your college application essays, you’ll be practising English anyway. As for the TOEFL / SAT essays … why not just create and send plans, rather than full essays – thus you’ll cover more topics and save time for application essay writing.

Time to shortlist US colleges

It is high time you started short-listing colleges. Here is what I would do if I were you:

– reread the articles about the colleges you liked when you first read the college guide and eliminate some of the colleges you don’t like

– visit college websites and eliminate the schools you don’t really like

– find out about financial aid opportunities and eliminate the colleges which do not offer financial aid to international students or the ones that offer inadequate financial aid.

You could find out about the financial aid from their websites (do not look at the info in the college guide as it was meant for Americans), write to admissions offices and financial aid offices. You could also check the following list of colleges offering financial aid to international stuents: Schools with Financial Aid for International Undergraduate Students.

You could ask me anytime if in doubt … about anything 🙂 Make sure you also read these websites:

Paying for School: Financial Aid

Financial Aid for Undergraduate International Students

International financial aid blog