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SAT World History

You might have always hated history classes at school, but you may still choose to take the SAT World History test. Here is what the College Board says about the skills you should possess:

  • Familiarity with terminology, cause-and-effect relationships, geography and other data necessary for understanding major historical developments
  • A grasp of concepts essential to historical analysis
  • An ability to use historical knowledge in interpreting data in maps, graphs, charts or cartoons

If you hate remembering too many facts and dates, you need not be discouraged as the test is NOT about memorizing.

Some of my students have had really amazing scores on the SAT World History test. However, others have had quite low ones. I believe the difference lies in their different preparation approaches.

Some students rely solely on SAT preparation books, but these should not be the only source as they offer just concise review materials. They are valuable in providing you with a list of topics covered by the test. Just that.

If you want to prepare for an excellent score, you should use the SATWorld History book just as a map and provide detailed study materials from other sources. Fat US high school textbooks could be a good resource, but I don’t think you should limit your exploration only to them … not today when we have the Internet. You could find there not only texts but also a lot of visual material. Here is a website I just discovered. The Internet History Sourcebooks Project is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use.