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revive the forum

Have ever written in our forum? Even the most enthusiastic of us had deserted it, but things changed the day Dodo came back and wrote in the shoutbox that if you posted a message, he would buy you a drink 🙂

OK, I think the first drinks go to Maria and me.

I have just cleaned the forum from the porn spam and discovered that most topics have been hidden becaused we have not opened them for quite a while.

Here is how you can open hidden topics:

For example, you go to schools > lyd’s classes and there is nothing 😦 You see just this:


However, you should not give up as you can do this:

Thus you can see what we have written and comment on it. After you do it once, you won’t need to do it soon, as the topic will have been woken up.

Of course, you might wish to start new topics.