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Educational autobiography

Some of you might still be wondering what to include in their educational autobiogaphies, so I have decided to give you some clues.

It should include not only formal educational experiences, i.e. classroom experience and homework related to classroom experience. It should include ANYTHING you believe you have learned from – hobbies, family commitments, work, travel, whatever.

It should include not only descriptions but also evaluations of experiences, i.e. comments on what you liked/disliked, how they have been useful/useless, etc.

Here is an informal educational autobiography I have just come upon. It might help you realize that writing your educational autobiography should be fun 🙂


We’ve been talking about

intelligence, learning, success, college admission, work, business, etc.

so you might be interested in this video:

Daniel Goleman (you might have read his “Emotional Intelligence”) presenting his new book and sharing interesting findings. You might read my book review in Bulgarian here.

Peace vs. Prosperity

Some people believe that war stimulates business as companies have to produce a lot of dispensable goods to meet military needs, and then, in the aftermath, new demand arises from people’s postponed desires for comfort and luxury. However, the effect wears out with time, and business slows down until it reaches recession levels.

This is not a very promising proposition, as it suggests that peace and prosperity cannot thrive together for long. Yet, some people believe that we can have both if we build some kind of sustainable economy. Such type of economy will, perhaps, challenge some of our ideas about prosperity, especially the concept of economic growth.

How do you think?

Thinking about technology

Some people believe that advance in scientific discovery and technology would be provide solution to humanity’s problems. Do you think this is the field of human knowledge we should emphasize in order to make people’s lives happier? Are there other essential, useful fields?

Here is a list of suggested topics and bibliography from Williams College.


Some people believe we live in postindustrial times. Others believe it’s the good old industrial age, just grown sleeker and more technological.

Which one do you believe?

What type of educational philosophy could be more pragmatic to choose in order to succeed in the context you believe is in store for you after graduation from college?

I promised to provide a link to the full text of the textbook article on laissez innover. This one seems to be useful too.

We also mentioned “Modern Times” (the Charlie Chaplin movie), Marx, Noam Chomsky, Peter Drucker, Richard Reich. I would like to throw in Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” novel and the non-fiction “sequal”, “Brave New World Revisited”. A key word you should not miss is “knowledge society”.

Happy research!

Real SAT essay topics

You can download the topics from  March 2005 through December 2007 here

essay topics

You could download a list from here. Why not write an essay, publish it in your blog and invite people to discuss it? You’ll get different perspectives 🙂