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Стипендия за учебна година в САЩ

За ученици родени между 1 януари 1993 и 15 юли 1995.

Какво е Youth Exchange and Study

Регламент и срокове

Няма време!!!


Office meeting on 26 October, 2009

I would like to meet  COLLEGE APPLICANTS on Monday, 26 October, 3.30 p.m. E-mail me to tell me if you are coming.

Meanwhile work hard on your applications and send me questions. I hope you will have done your best before we meet.


I’ll be back on 13 April 🙂

July classes

Monday AND Thursday, 4-6.30 p.m.

a meeting on thursday!


В четвъртък от 6 часа среща с кандидат-студентите, за да обясня за документите. Прегледайте нещата в блога и си пригответе въпроси. Поканете и съучениците си, които ще кандидатстват в САЩ.

current college applicants

I wonder who is applying to US and other foreign colleges this year. I wonder how many people read the things I post here. When do you plan to start working on your college applications? Have you chosen colleges yet? Have you checked what documents they want from you? Have you started planning your essays?

I said we’ll have to finish by the end of September. I am aware of the fact that it’s impossible as most of you haven’t even started, so I’ll give you a chance to start in September. I won’t work with people whom I haven’t heard of at all by the end of September, so write to me about your plans – here or at lyd.students AT

sat books ready

8 leva per piece. Bring the right cash.

You’re welcome any day between 11a.m. and 2p.m.